Can we fly???…


Sh. Ranganadhan.S (Twitter account @Ranganadhans) si still a student but he is very keen observer of life. He has already written many beautiful stories for this blog “Yug Vani”

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It was in 1890, there lived a couple. Husband was a bishop in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. Every Sunday bishop used to address the pupil in church and used to solve their queries in mythology and tradition. Once while he was addressing the gathering and solving their queries, one young fellow asked, Sir, can we fly???… […]

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None cares for Campa Cola compound type cases

If Modi government shows it political will to arrest this Builder Mafia then & only then Modi may hope to march towards his goal of 2022. However there is little hope that any government will do anything against these Mafia because Builders Mafia Money is nothing but actually black money of Big-Big Government officers + Big & Small Politicians backed by Land Mafia group. We all know that “None cares for Campa Cola compound type cases”

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Media Bias – Myth or Reality

In an earlier article on media carried in these columns in Yugvani, I had highlighted how political parties (especially Congress) were manipulating media, which was only too eager to fall in line with Congress party’s avowed disdain for Hindus traditions & culture and this bias reflects in media’s reporting.

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