BJP in the eyes of Secular History

Last night I had a dream. In the dream, I found myself in a conclave, being addressed by top secular & liberal historians. The main topic was “BJP in the eyes of Secular History” Though I am a not good history student but I am keenly interested in the history. BJP is a hot topic currently, so I started listening attentively.

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Older Generation needs Social Security

Older Generation needs Social Security; I don’t mean that our offspring don’t want to keep us with them. It also does not mean that they don’t want to afford our day to day living & medical cost, nor it means that they don’t want to sit with their parents/grandparents. It simply means, changing scenario would not allow them to do all this as the please. The are always willing to do service to oldies but question is can they do it?

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Encounter With Pakistan

Now the question is “Is it not an opportune moment to dismantle the training camps in PoK?”
We have been missing the opportunities to dismantle the terrorists camps where terrorists are being trained to carry proxy war against Indian civilians. We have capabilities to strike the camps and the world community will not object to such acts. After all Israel is striking those areas in west Bank and Gaza Strip.Why can not we do it?

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