Why there is noise

Why there is noise Few days back, some Shiv-Sena MPs tried to put a loaf in the mouth of IRCTC manager in Maharashtra Sadan. No one can justify their act. No one right to force feed anyone even if the food prepared by him or his subordinates is no good. It has been & should have been condemned even if […]

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Sh. Ranganadhan.S (Twitter account @Ranganadhans) si still a student but he is very keen observer of life. He has already written many beautiful stories for this blog “Yug Vani”

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Bhaskara also known as Bhaskaracharya ( acharya means teacher) was born in 1114 in  Vijjadavida ( Bijapur of Karnataka). Bhaskara was great mathematician and an astrologer world seen, he was first to work on differential calculus much before Newton and Leibniz found but his inventions were not recorded..   His main work Siddhanta Shiromani which he divided into four parts called Lilavati, Bijaganita ,Grahaganita and Golādhyaya. These four […]

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